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with happy and harmonious.

Mother is a constant theme of mankind. We give it too much interpretation and connotation; Without blemish beautiful historical epic, there is no wind volume reverse shock waves of the sea, the mother is like a love song. Play; Gently whisper of shallow sing...

Is think of her mother, stray heart and find their precious little home!

Mother she never occupy our hearts; The most soft place, with their mother in the whole life to love us. She will be wild with love, but I do not remember anything in return. This is our mother, an ordinary ordinary woman. "Mother". The name; And it is so great.

Mother makes clear to us; The pain of her life education we; A sheen of raising us; We are suffering with education. Mother gave us the life; Teach us how to be a person; To our education and enlighten. In the process of our growth, a mother's love is indispensable forever, it is mother meticulous care; Just let us healthy growth; Also hope we can get the filial piety into motivation, in return for our mother. As the saying goes. 'who made the heart-inch grass, at three chunhui'. All the parents poor heart.

The story of the mother; From today let's big memories of still... Moved the odds and ends, dribs and drabs of warmth, for the life work; To worry about their children. Busy for life, pay for their children, this is and 譪 such as the earth. Kind mother. Purity of a mother's love like sunshine, a mother's love is like the sky.

A mother's love is children before he left a cotton-padded jacket; Is to fill the needle and thread. Is the kind of outlook of loss on the platform. Relatively silent but want to leave that little feelings; Is worn sunny; Fragrant clean clothes. On the table and delicious food... The sea still waters run deep, can't see the surf in the deepest love.

There is a song called; "Grateful heart". This song tells us that have a "thankful heart". The wonderful to discover things and the beautiful in the wind, then from flat state of mind. Open mind to deal with the bitter and the sweet in life. Let original insipid life coruscate gives, charming luster. Reward is not necessarily costly, Thanksgiving is not necessarily boom. Only the sincere heart, without enough.

A mother would sacrifice; life She tirelessly; All his best; Hard-working. To make everything; Let us have a comfortable; Clean the house. Thanksgiving our mother. Because; Her that we must work as hard as he could to.

Mother gives us the listing of love, it is difficult to list. Because; The list can't carry forever; The shallow record. But; We should be thankful mother, because; She gave us life and deep love.

Love does not need words; But silently. This is a mother's love.

Thanksgiving Day! To mother a bunch of; Carnations, greetings to his mother; Let mother bright smile, let us and our mother filled with happy and harmonious.